Zoom Thankful for You Candle
Zoom Thankful for You Candle
Zoom Thankful for You Candle
Zoom Thankful for You | Buttery Pecan Pie scented candle from Rustic Cham Candles Fall Candle Collection

Thankful for You Candle


Thankful for You  – one of our many new additions for the Rustic Charm Fall Scent Line.

Who are you thankful for? With this sweet scent, you can show your gratitude to that sweet someone in your life – or yourself! Our pecan pie blend of sweet, sugary and caramel-like scents is a perfect reminder of relaxing at home on the holidays or a cozy night in.

Finding your perfect method
Love the burn of a candle? Or are you more of a drop in the melt warmer and leave type of person? No matter your fav, we have something for you!
Thankful for you is available in our signature 12-ounce candle, wax melts, room & car sprays, and in a wood round car scent! No matter the kind of person you or that special someone you want to show gratitude towards, this scent is immaculate for anything and anyone.

About Our Scented Candle Size.

After years of testing and trials, we have settled on 12 ounces as our default candle size. This size jar is convenient for storage while still standing out well on a table, counter, desk, or wherever you place it. This is our longest-lasting candle, looking the best while doing it. We use a cotton wick for a safe, even burn.

Hand-poured and Hand-crafted.

Each of our candles is poured with love at our shop in Breckenridge, Texas. We take the time to ensure each product we ship out meets our quality standards so you can rest assured you’re getting our best every time. We love what we do, so you can love what we make. 💛

Family Business.

By purchasing Rustic Charm Candles, you’re supporting our small family business in the heart of Texas. From production to your home, our family pours, packs, and ships your candles.

Some specifics on our 12 oz. candles:

  • Burn time of approximately 60-80 hours.
  • We recommend burning your candle for at least 2-4 hours each time you light it for optimal longevity and quality of the burn.
  • We use a soy blend candle wax in our candles. This proprietary blend allows for a clean and safe burning candle with optimal scent throw and burning time. More information about the safety of scented candles can be found by clicking here
  • Our fragrance oils are derived from essential oils and are tested safe for use in candles.
  • Please note that due to individual hand pouring, the color may vary slightly from candle to candle.
About Rustic Charm Candles

Rustic Charm Candles has been creating high quality, hand-crafted candles, wax melts, car sprays, and more as a family business for years. While we began in Breckenridge, TX, we now ship our candles and scented products all over! Try one of our classic candles today, or watch our social media for alerts when vintage candle sales begin.

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