A Bit About Rustic Charm Candles

Rustic Charm Candles is a small business based in Breckenridge, Texas. Owner Stephanie Asher started pouring candles in her home in 2002, perfecting her process ever since. These candles have given rise to wax melts, car scents, sprays, sachet bags, and more. All of the candles are mixed, melted, and hand-poured on site. From the beginning, Rustic Charm has been a family effort.

Candle Collection

I ADORE Rustic Charm Candles. They smell sooooo good and they are by far the best candles I own. The design of the label is flawless and so appealing to the eye. One of my favorite scents is Purple Cow and I wish I had an unlimited supply. If you’re contemplating buying a Rustic Charm candle, JUST DO IT! Your nose will thank you!!!!!

Alex Paul @alex_paul52

Love love love these amazing candles!! They burn so smoothly and evenly, while having such a prominent smell that fills the whole space. Would 11/10 recommend purchasing these candles, you won’t regret it!!

Abby Bender @abbynoel1

I have been a Rustic Charm fan for years and smelled so many wonderful scents but nothing tops Sweet Tea. It’s one of the most balanced scents. You can’t pick just one note out. It’s just the perfect blend. It reminds you of so many memories around an ice cold glass of sweet tea, a mix of tea, a little sweetness and I always feel like I can smell the lemon I’d have on the rim of my glass. It’s excellent to use all over your home as well as to gift.

Amanda M.

Rustic Charm Candles attention to detail, pride in their products and customer service is by far better then you can imagine. I will forever be a customer of theirs! So far my favorite scent is the Strawberries and Cream, but you can not go wrong with any of them!

Yarnale Hayner