Good Scents: Rustic Charm Candles to Celebrate 20 Years of Hand-poured Candles in 2022

Good Scents: Rustic Charm Candles to Celebrate 20 Years of Hand-poured Candles in 2022

We've Joined Forces With Cavender’s 

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After getting our start almost two decades ago, Rustic Charm Candles has recently culminated into a partnership with Cavender’s -- one of the country’s top western wear retailers.

Over 100 retailers carry our amazing hand-poured Rustic Charm candles, plus all 88 Cavender's locations across the country.

We have a large variety of scents for any occasion, and candle lovers, leather lovers, and anyone with a passion for rustic and western items will fall in love with our catalogue of scent products.

Scents for any occasion

Hand-poured With Love

 All of our candles are hand-poured with love in Breckenridge, Texas. Owner, Stephanie Asher, began pouring candles in her home in 2002 and has been perfecting her scents ever since.

We're famous for our 12 ounce soy candles and their large scent throw.

Check out our classic product line of 25 scents and candles, wax melts, room sprays, reed diffusers, and car scents. 

Constantly Growing

For nearly the past 20 years, Rustic Charm Candles has been growing wholesale partnerships. We ended 2020 with 100 retailers who carry our candles, and we keep adding to their list of retailers.

Even during the COVID-19 pandemic, Rustic Charm managed to grow more and more. This year, we've added nearly 90 Cavender’s locations across the U.S. to that list of wholesale partnerships.

COVID-19 has been difficult for business all over the world, but Rustic Charm Candles was able to weather that storm and has added more retail stores.

Giving Back to the Community

It’s hard to pinpoint every single time Rustic Charm Candles has given back to our local community in both Breckenridge, TX and Albany, TX, where our two “hometown” stores reside.

Our most recent donation was to the Hope for One Gala, a silent auction for cancer research, in Breckenridge, Texas. We gave an entire classic candle collection for the event, and are always looking to partner with other charities, both locally and regionally.

The Hope for One Foundation was formed to raise awareness to the signs and symptoms of Colorectal Cancer in loving memory of Kelsey Garrison, who hoped that his story could save even one life.

Rustic Charm Candles was one of the many donors who helped the first-annual event raise over $20,000 from their silent auction.

rustic charms hand poured candles breckenridge tx

How Rustic Charm Got Started

Rustic Charm Candles is a small business based in Breckenridge, Texas. Owner Stephanie Asher started her journey in the scent aroma industry almost 20 years ago, and the company keeps getting bigger and bigger.

These candles have given rise to other products in the scent industry, as well.

All of our candles are mixed, melted, and hand-poured on site. From the beginning, Rustic Charm has been a family effort. 

For more information about Rustic Charm products, shop this site or call us at (254) 212-8100.

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