Zoom Vintage Pink Coffee Mug Cup | Paisley
Zoom Vintage Pink Coffee Mug Cup | Paisley

Vintage Pink Coffee Mug Cup | Paisley


These super sweet, pink coffee cups remind me of something from a 1950's diner.  Very heavy like restaurant-ware! The photo looks more mauve, it is actually more pink.

Paisley scented - A divine combination of sweet florals and fresh lemon is sure to have you craving sunny days. This scent is perfect for "fresh starts" and will always leave your home smelling clean and inviting. The sweet jasmine and gardenia scents will have you whistlin' for Spring and Summer blooms!


Rustic Charm Vintage Candles

Our Vintage Candle Sale is finally here! Pouring our fragrances into antique containers has been a long time hobby of ours. We love that no two are alike, and each holds a bit of history all it’s own. Found at garage sales, flea markets, and antique shops throughout the year, we’ve been collecting unique cans, mugs, containers and cups for this fun sale! Not only do you get a wonderful candle, but also a unique vintage container to keep loving long after the wax is gone.

Hand-poured and Hand-crafted.

Each of our candles is poured by hand with love at our shop in Breckenridge, Texas. We take the time to ensure each product we ship out meets our quality standards so you can rest assured you’re getting our best every time. We love what we do, so you can love what we make. 💛

Family Business.

By purchasing Rustic Charm Candles, you’re supporting our small family business in the heart of Texas. From production to your hands, our family pours, packs, and ships your candles.

Some specifics on our vintage candles:

  • Burn times vary by size.
  • We recommend burning your candle for at least 2-4 hours each time you light it for optimal longevity and quality of the burn.
  • We use a soy blend candle wax in our candles. This proprietary blend allows for a clean and safe burning candle with optimal scent throw and burning time. More information about the safety of scented candles can be found by clicking here
  • Our fragrance oils are derived from essential oils and are tested safe for use in candles.
  • Please note that due to individual hand pouring, the color may vary slightly from candle to candle.
  • Please use caution when burning these candles. Though they are safe, we recommend only burning on non-flammable surfaces.
  • Please note these coffee tins are vintage, and may have rust, scrapes, and/or writing. Please view photos before purchasing.

Have a burning question? Chat with us now for help! 😊

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