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Rustic Charm Candles

Denim & Daisies - June's Six-Candle Collection

Denim & Daisies - June's Six-Candle Collection

Get this month's full collection at a discount! May's theme is Denim & Daisies, and contains the following scents:

Denim & Diamonds - Rugged leather meets the delicate allure of jasmine and saffron, with a touch of amber, creating a fragrance that embodies confidence and femininity. This captivating scent is a tribute to the woman who shines from within.

Cactus & Sea Salt - Escape to the Baja coast, where sun-drenched cactus meets salty sea spray, grounded by notes of driftwood and moss. A scent that's both invigorating and serene.

Hello Darlin' - Smooth, supple leather infused with a comforting blend of lavender and vanilla, warmed by subtle notes of clove and nutmeg. This inviting scent is both familiar and alluring.

Just Hitched - A timeless fragrance inspired by the simple elegance of a wedding cake. The delicate aroma of vanilla cake and amaretto creates a sweet, inviting scent, perfect for celebrating every happily ever after!

Lemon Pound Cake - The simple pleasure of a homemade treat. Sweet, buttery pound cake infused with bright lemon zest, evoking memories of sunny kitchens and shared laughter.

Paisley - Picture a sun-drenched porch swing and a vase of wildflowers – that's Paisley. Sweet jasmine and gardenia mingle with a burst of bright lemon for a scent that's as cheerful as a summer afternoon.

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The Perfect Size

Our 12 oz. candles deliver the perfect balance of fragrance and burn time. They're beautiful on display and fill your space with cozy fragrance.

Handcrafted with Love in Texas

By purchasing Rustic Charm Candles, you’re supporting our small family business in the heart of Texas. From production to your hands, our family pours, packs, and ships your candles.

Each of our candles is poured by hand with love at our shop in Breckenridge, Texas. We take the time to ensure each product we ship out meets our quality standards so you can rest assured you’re getting our best every time. We love what we do, so you can love what we make. 💛

Product Care & Specifics


  • Burn time: Approximately 60-80 hours
  • For optimal burn: Allow wax to melt evenly across surface each time you light (~2-4 hours).
  • Wax type: Premium soy blend for a clean, safe burn and excellent fragrance.
  • Please note: Color may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of our candles.

Room & Car Sprays

  • Size: 4 fl oz. bottle
  • Fragrance Oil: Our oils are derived from essential oils, tested safe for use in air sprays.
  • Notice: Shake well before use and always test before spraying directly onto a surface.

Wax Melts

  • Scent duration: An entire bar lasts 50-80 hours; each cube lasts about 6.5-10 hours.
  • Tip: For maximum scent life, warm until your space is fragrant, then turn off the warmer.
  • Fragrance Oils: Our oils are derived from essential oils, tested safe for wax melts.
  • Please note: Color may vary slightly due to the handcrafted nature of our melts.
  • Requires a wax warmer (not included).