Collections | Mystery Boxes

Who doesn't love a surprise?!?  Our mystery boxes are only offered every so often. These boxes are filled with an assortment of discontinued, past holiday, wrong color, wrong label, damaged labels, and/or slightly "off" products.  We will never include anything that we wouldn't personally want ourselves but aren't necessarily gift-worthy.  Just something fun! The mystery box includes a minimum of $60 retail value products for only $35 plus shipping!  We stuff the large, priority mail boxes full!

*Please no requests. The boxes are packed ahead of time before they are listed, so what you get is a surprise for us as well.  

*Occasionally, I may also offer "mystery supply boxes".  These boxes may include fragrance oils, bottles, sample products from my supply vendors, packaging (bags, boxes, ribbon etc)   I will always note if it is a supply box vs. product box.

All sold as-is!  Again, these mystery products are imperfect, please keep that in mind.