Why People Love Soy Blend Hand Poured Candles

Just about everyone loves candles and loves burning them in their home or office. Candles are such a treat and a great way to make the atmosphere more relaxing. The soft glow of the flame and the ambiance just changes the way the entire room feels. They also make great gifts for others as well. But when shopping for candles you may notice that there are different kinds on the market now. Soy blend candles are not just your regular run of the mill paraffin wax candle. They have their advantages.

What is a Soy Blend Candle?

You may only really be familiar with the paraffin wax candles. There was a time when the only type of candle you could buy or have was made from paraffin wax. Not anymore. People are just really loving the soy blend candles. But what exactly is it made from? The soy blend candles are made from soy of course, and it is blended with other things. Sometimes paraffin, and sometimes a different kind of wax. To find out what your soy blend candle is made from you can read the ingredients on the candle or you can contact the manufacturer.

What is the Difference in the Soy Blend Candle?

The difference you are going to find in the soy blend candle versus one made from paraffin is quite amazing. The soy blend will have a longer life. While the same size paraffin candle may have 10 hours of burn time, you will find that the soy blend will have 15 to 20 hours in the same size.

How Do Soy Blend Candles Smell?

Compared to paraffin wax candles, soy blend varieties put off a stronger smell. The scent lasts longer and smells fresh for quite some time. You may have noticed that the paraffin wax candle will start to have a subtle smokey or burnt scent to it after some time of burning. The Soy blend candle will not. It stays smelling good and fresh for longer. The reason for this is because they burn at a much slower rate and the fragrance is released at a slower rate as well. Which in return will give you a fresher smelling candle for longer.

Are Soy Blend Candles Better for Your Health?

While no one really knows, some people tend to think that they are and some do not. You will find answers on both sides of the fence for this question. It really all depends on what the soy is blended with as to whether or not it is healthy to breath in the burning candle. Always find out what your candles are made of before you purchase them or burn them.

Candles, one of life's little treats. Everyone loves them and everyone burns them and loves the many different scents they come in. Candles are always great to set the mood in your home, the office, or even a public place like your retail store.

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