The Art of Combining Scents

If you are anything like us at Rustic Charm Candles, then you can hardly get enough when it comes to new scents! Everyone has their signature favorites, whatever that may be, but we would like to believe that the possibilities are endless when it comes to candle scents - or at least as endless as the candle cabinet in your home can store at once! This is why combining candle scents is a fun hobby-like experiment that every candle-ista has at least dipped their toe in, and once you try candle scent combining, it is sure hard to stop! If you are new to the idea of lighting various scents at the same time and think you might be interested, here is a soft guide on where you can start.

Think of it Like a Puzzle

When you are first trying out scent combining, try starting out with different scents that might naturally fit together, much like you would with putting pieces together in a puzzle. Consider two of our nature focused candles like the Wildflower and Cactus candle being lit at the same time as the Texas Bluebonnet one. Both of these scents are inspired by plants, so combining them could give you the illusion of walking through a meadow while you take in the various smells that would lend itself to that experience. Or our Coffee House candle being combined with Boots ‘n Chaps, our leather scent. This could recreate the atmosphere of sitting in a plush leather chair at your favorite coffee shop! Or combine that Coffee House candle with our new Lemon Pound Cake candle. This combination wafting through your home will make you feel like you are enjoying an after dinner treat paired perfectly with a warm cup of coffee. All of these examples are scents that might be naturally found together in different environments, so starting with these types of combinations is a safe bet and a great way to get going on your candle scent combining!

Follow Your Nose Wherever it Goes

You might feel more comfortable starting out with naturally paired scents, but maybe you want to just jump right in and combine whatever scents you like. Go for it! The possibilities are endless. You might find that scents that do not necessarily seem like they would blend well actually compliment each other nicely. Just like they say “opposites attract,” this can sometimes be true with varying candle scents, and there are basically no consequences for lighting candles that do not go well together. It is as simple as putting out one candle and lighting another - or, if you’re feeling especially adventurous, maybe adding that third candle to this mix and seeing what that does. Try combining the Fruit Loops Candle with the Southern Suede, maybe you’ll love it! You don’t need a biology degree to feel like a total scentologist. And if you are anything like us, you already have an abundance of candles waiting to be lit, so what are you waiting for? Get your matches and find your own perfect scent combination.