Reasons to Give Car Sprays a Try

Traditional candles are a fan favorite when it comes to home décor. We love the ambiance they set in a room—not to mention the different scents you have to choose from that allow you to breathe in all the delights in nature or the sweet smell of an old town bakery. The perfect scent can really help you feel right at home. But what about when you can’t light a candle? You can still have your signature smell no matter where you are if you use a room and car spray. There are a lot of benefits to utilizing scented sprays, and we have a feeling you are going to fall in love with a few (or several) of your favorite scents in spray form just as much as the candles. 

Not Your Grandma’s Air Freshener 

When you think of a car freshener, your mind likely jumps to the old pine smell of a tree shape hanging from your rear view mirror. The aggressive punch of the pine transports you to the backseat of an old cab where all you want is to just get home. Room and car sprays take a more refined approach to air fresheners, instead allowing you to have the choice of dozens of scents that give your car a light misting of heavenly aromas from freshly brewed cider to coconut, bourbon, vanilla, leather, and more. You certainly will not feel any rush to get out of your car when you are enjoying the smells of Texas bluebonnets or a warm glass of chai tea.

Say “Bye” to Bad Odors

The amount of time some of us spend in our vehicles every day can really add up. Because of that, the various odors that end up tainting your sweet wheels can really be a bummer. It is not uncommon to eat in the car, throw your gym bag in the back, or let your favorite 4 legged friend(s) ride shotgun. And on the really eventful days, you might experience all three. Not to mention, if you have kids in the car, you are multiplying the odors all the more.

One of the great things about these amazing car sprays is that these wonderful scents you love replace the horrid smell of that day old half eaten bag of French fries someone left in the backseat or the lingering smell of your wolf pack’s trip to the park. Now, you get to drive around in the serene setting of a strawberry field!

The Perfect Gifts and Stocking Stuffers

One reason car and room sprays are so favored is because there are so many scented candle fragrances available in spray form. You will have no trouble finding the scent you love to sprits in your car, and you also won’t have trouble finding your friend’s favorite scent either! Not only is intentionally picking out scents for your friend, sibling, or parent fun for you, but they will absolutely love the thought and practicality behind the gift. Everyone has needed an air freshener in their car at some point,. With this perfectly sized little bottle that fits perfectly in your console or glove box, you are now giving the people you love access to a better, more enjoyable car ride. A great gift indeed!

Next time you're restocking your scented candle supply, take a moment to look for some of your favorite scents in spray form. You never know when the added on-the-go convenience will come in handy!