Why Unique Candles Make Great Gifts

Candles are one of the most universal gifts that can be given regardless of age or gender. A timeless present, candles are the perfect way to express love, sympathy, and celebration. Varying in price level, there is a perfect candle for every gift-giver.


Candles come in many scents from softer aromas to ones with stronger throws. Throw refers to how widespread the scent is spread over an area. Sometimes, a few candles are necessary to cover larger spots. Romantic aromas like rose and vanilla create a sweet atmosphere. Lavender is a known stress-reliever and in candle form can envelope the area with a calmness. Similarly, lemongrass and eucalyptus smells can help calm a sick person and improve breathing. Some companies have even developed "man candles" that include varieties such as tobacco and leather scented candles. This variety enables the gift-giver to choose customized, unique candles for their recipient.

Candles are also not limited to being used indoors. Outdoor scents like citronella can help keep bugs and mosquitoes at bay. Lining a patio with such creates a pleasant bug-free evening.

Not sure what your loved one would prefer? Scentless candles are just as functional. Beeswax candles are recognized as being able to purify the air and create balance in a room.

Shapes and Sizes

Candles come in an assortment of shapes and sizes. Since candles are a relatively small, manageable gift, it is not necessary to know exactly where the recipient will place it, making it a perfect no-stress gift to give. Long, tall candles are called tapers and often adorn the dinner table or are set in a windowsill. Wider candles are labeled as pillars and are arguably the most versatile of the bunch. They can be set on rustic candle holders, candle trays or even inside a glass lantern or hurricane. Smaller varieties include tea lights which are tiny circular candles that can go in glass holders. Candles can also be rectangular or come in glass jars.


Candles do not just have to be white or ivory, but rather come in a variety of colors these days. Some even feature designs on the outside of the wax such as a floral motif or even sparkle. Some rustic candles also showcase dried fruits, flowers or cinnamon sticks hardened in the wax for extra visual appeal.


The varying amount of sizes, types, scents, and shapes makes a candle an affordable gift. Whether giving alone or in a set, you can find the right item for your budget. Candles also pair nicely with other gifts to create a grander gift. Put it with flowers or a bottle of wine. Or pair a couple leather scented candles with a bottle of bourbon. No matter the size or shape, from a visual perspective, there is nothing more enchanting and calming than a flickering flame. Rustic candles set the mood at dinner parties, at a backyard barbecue, and certainly around an evening bubble bath. No matter the recipients hobbies, they are sure to find a use for their new gift.

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