Top Reasons To Try Wax Melts

While we love scented candles, one great thing about our company is that we have not limited ourselves to just open flame candles. We have a wide selection of other scented alternatives like diffusers, sprays, and wax melts. Every home is different, and depending on your preferences, wax melts might be just the scent solution for you to try! Consider some of the following reasons you might want to add some wax melts to your next candle order!

No Flame

While we all love the mood that a lit candle can create, we also understand that that might not be the best option for everyone. In fact, many apartment complexes and rental properties do not even allow open flames of any kind, including scented candles! Luckily, wax melts can help ease the pain of having to forgo your favorite candles in these situations. You can still have some of your favorite scents without the open flame. This is also a great option for those with young children who might be uncomfortable with lit candles. For many, even using both candles and wax melts in different rooms is a popular choice!

Experimenting with Scents

Another great benefit of wax melts is that you have more control over your scents, and you can even try creating your own blend. Because you can easily combine two or even several wax melts together, you get to create custom scents any day of the week! Having a great smelling home is one thing, but telling your friends and family that you concocted your own signature blend is another! with a wide variety of wax melts, the possibilities really are endless.

Less Waste

Because you can use the same warmer for many months or even years, you get to enjoy your favorite scents feeling good that you have taken the environment into consideration! Unfortunately, a lot of the glass containers used for candles do end up in landfills, and with glass being one of the most durable man made products, candle containers are a huge culprit in humanity's ecological footprint. It’s also important to remember that glass is 100% recyclable, but unfortunately, the US only recycles a little over 30% of its total glass products. So, whether you choose to lessen your glass usage by trying our wax melts or not, we encourage you to consider recycling your glass products!

Easy to Use

One of the great benefits of wax melts is that you can just plug your warmer in, drop in a few squares of your favorite scent, and go on about your business. It’s a great option for those moments that you realize you are fresh out of matches or your lighter just ran out of juice. Not to mention, you can leave it plugged in all day! You can come and go as you please without worrying about forgetting to put out of the open flame before heading out of the house. We love candles, and we love the convenience and fun that wax melts can bring to your home, too! Looking for a flame-free scent for your home? Check out our wax melt collection today.