How Vanilla & Other Scented Candles Affect Your Mood

There is something so calming and relaxing about candles, especially scented ones. They are able to completely transform a room. A candle can set a cozy, Christmas mood, or it can make a room feel fresh and clean. However, setting the mood isn’t the only thing that scented candles can do. Research has actually shown that vanilla and other scented candles can have a significant effect on your mood, and that effect can vary drastically depending on the candle's scent. From invigorating to relaxing and everything in between, below are some of the many ways vanilla and other scented candles can influence your mood.

Lifting and Improving Mood

The most notable thing that candle scents can do is boost your overall mood. Even if you are not feeling down or upset, candles can still make you feel better. Clary sage and lemon are both known to lift and improve your mood.

Relaxing the Body and Mind

Certain candle scents are used to help relax the body and the mind. These types of scented candles are frequently used in spas and salons to help create a stress-reducing environment. Lavender and sandalwood are the two most common ones that are used to relax and unwind. Lavender can show instant results, whereas sandalwood will take a little bit of time before it relaxes you.

Increasing Happiness Levels

While there are certain scents that boost your mood overall, there are also scents that can make you feel happier specifically. Vanilla scented candles are the most common ones that are used to increase happiness. They can also stimulate feelings of relaxation, as well as joy. This means that vanilla scented candles won’t just make your home smell like a bakery, but they will also help to boost your happiness levels in the process.

Improving Focus

Sometimes, it can be hard to concentrate. One thing that can be used to boost concentration would be a candle scent, and the best type of candle for concentration would be a peppermint-scented one. People often chew on peppermint gum to improve focus and wake up their brains. If you don’t like to chew on gum, then you can light a candle instead and get the same type of benefits.

Easing Anxiety

Anxiety is something that the majority of people will deal with at some point in their life. If you are suffering from a mild bit of anxiety, then you may want to light a scented candle. The best scent for anxiety would be apple scents, but Frankincense is also a great choice when it comes to combating anxiety. The latter is often a go-to for relieving stress, which can play a huge role in lessening the effects of anxiety.

Finding a Scent for Any Mood

As we described above, vanilla candles and other scents can do a lot more than improve the smell of the room. Different scents will do different things for your mood. Some can help with anxiety, while others can increase focus or improve your overall mood. Regardless of what is going on in your life, you can bet that a scented candle is going to improve it one way or another!