Ideas to Make Your Home Smell Like Fall

Warm days, chilly nights, and falling leaves are a sign of fall. It is time to enjoy the scents of autumn as you beat the coming cold with a hot drink and a warm blanket as you cuddle on your favorite couch. The smell of firewood burning from the hearth to keep the house warm is so inviting. Some people even refer to fall as the scent season. If you love the smell of fall, then here are a few simple ideas on how to make your home smell like it.

Here are a few simple and creative ideas on how to give your home a fall scent.

Fall Wax Melt

Wax melts are a common source of the inviting fall scent in most homes. To make simple homemade wax melts, allow your wax to melt under low heat. Add your preferred essential oils to achieve the desired smell. Put the resulting mixture in an ice cube tray and let it cool. Pop up a few of the resulting wax into your warmer and enjoy as the fall scent fills up your home.

Autumn Reed Diffuser

A diffuser works as both an air freshener and a piece of décor. You can get one from the stores or simply DIY. Mix some essential oils and baby oils in a container. Depending on your preferred scent, add lemon, oranges, bergamot, and rattan seeds to get the inviting autumn scent.

Simmer Pot

Preparing a simmer pot is one of the easiest ways to fill your entire house with a fall scent. To prepare it, fill a pot with water and add your ingredients such as apples, orange peels, cinnamon, cloves, mint, essential oils, bay leaves, and lavender, among others. Let the mixture boil and then leave it to simmer under low heat. This set up will give your home the desired fall scent.

Fall Scented Candles

You can pick your preferred scented candle from the stores. Light it and allow the scent to diffuse throughout your entire house. Additionally, you can prepare it yourself. Take your old vanilla candles, layer them with some cinnamon sticks, and then light it. You will not only enjoy the scent from the candle but also the flicker from its flame.

Dried Orange Garland

This piece doubles as a source of fall scent and a décor. Take some slices of lemon and orange and bake them in an oven. String them together on twine and add some bay leaves and cinnamon sticks. This is a very effective way of spreading the fall smell in your entire house.


Baking will give you something to eat and will also fill your house with the smell of freshly baked food. A pumpkin loaf, apple cake or pear, and cinnamon cake are baked items that produce a fall scent.

Spiced Wine

If you like wine, this is an ideal way to kill two birds with the same stone. Take your favorite brand of wine and then spice it up using some slices of oranges and lemon. You can also add some cinnamon sticks. Sip your wine as the spices produce an inviting scent that fills up your home.

No more hassles in finding the right source of fall scent for your home. Adopt the above simple ideas and enjoy the inviting scent that gives your home an ambiance of fall.