Can Hand Poured Candles Improve Your Life?

A day at the spa, a warm bath, a romantic dinner - these relaxing experiences often include candles. Relaxation is important, but can hand poured candles improve your life? 

Here are a few ways lighting a hand poured candle may actually improve your life.

Candles Can Increase Focus

Even before you reach for a match to light the wick, certain candle scents can contribute to a more productive mindset.

Lighting a candle keeps that scent going strong for hours!

Does fragrance choice matter? 

Maybe, but not necessarily. It’s true that scents including lavender, cinnamon, peppermint, lemon, and rosemary are known for boosting productivity and increasing focus. 

But since fragrances are a personal preference, any scent you love contributes to keeping you at peace and feeling more inspired, both of which can increase your focus. 

Restful Sleep is a Benefit

hand-poured candles improve your life

The soft light of a candle can be relaxing, but certain scents can contribute to relaxation and help you enjoy a more restful sleep.

Lighting a candle or a few small candles before bedtime can help your body drift off more quickly and sleep more soundly.

Of course, be sure to blow the candles out before you actually go to bed!

Try lighting a candle before an evening bath, or while you enjoy a cup of herbal tea with a good book or magazine.

Some scents that promote restful sleep:

  • Lavender – Believed to calm your heart and mind by actively slowing down your nervous system, lavender can make it easier to relax. 
  • Rose – Believed to offer sedative effects, rose scents may help you feel comfortable and drowsy. 
  • Neroli – Widely used as an antidepressant, this floral scent helps to calm your mind and reduce stress.
  • Jasmine – Known to relax the body, jasmine may be of particular help to those with restless leg syndrome.

  • Chamomile – Many sleep related teas contain chamomile, so pairing a chamomile scented hand poured candle could be just the ticket to send you off into a peaceful dreamland.
  • Sandalwood – A fairly sweet scent, sandalwood helps to reduce anxiety levels, reduce wakefulness, and increase non-REM sleep. 

  • Cedarwood – This warm, earthy, woodsy scent is great for winter and can help your nervous system fight away anxiety or stress, making it a great winding down fragrance.

Specific Scents Can Bring Back Fond Memories

candles evoking fond memoriesOur sense of smell is really pretty amazing. It’s not too difficult for us to think of a certain scent, good or bad, that reminds us of a certain person, vacation, or experience.

Whether it’s fall fragrances or holiday inspired aromas, or a waft of vanilla that reminds us of our grandmother, scents really can seem to transport us back in time!

How does this happen?

When a scent enters your nose, it travels through the cranial nerve and olfactory bulb.

The olfactory bulb is part of the emotional center of your brain and can easily access the amygdala, which processes our emotions, and evokes good, strong memories.

Because our sense of smell (olfactory) is strongly related to the amygdala, scents are able to trigger memories (particularly fond ones). 

Candles Can be a Stress Reliever

Aromatherapy has been around in various forms for thousands of years. Traditionally, aromatherapy employs the use of essential oils to promote relaxation and stress relief.

Rustic Charm’s soy blend hand poured candles use fragrance oils derived from essential oils tested safe for candle use, so when it comes to stress relief, we’ve got you covered! 

In addition to some of the stress related fragrances we’ve already covered (lavender, chamomile, rose) some other great options include eucalyptus, ylang ylang, vetiver, bergamot, spearmint, and frankincense. 

No matter the scent, simply lighting a wick and watching the flickering flame of a candle creates a cozy, soothing atmosphere.

Our hand poured candles are the perfect home accessory to make your space feel calm and tranquil. 

Candles are Also Visually Stimulating

Lighting a candle changes the ambiance of a room immediately.

From small candles to a luxury arrangement, the soft glow of a flickering flame alters the entire atmosphere of your space.

Scented candles add an extra “oomph” as well, as fragrances work to contribute to the vibe you’re wanting to create.

Even when unlit, the perfect candle or candle arrangement can be visually stimulating and provide a calm aesthetic to a room! 

How to Make Hand Poured Candles

At Rustic Charm, each of our candles are poured by hand, with love.

Our hand poured candles are mixed, melted, and (of course) hand poured on site.

From production to delivery, our family pours, packs, and ships your candles.

We use a soy blend candle wax because it burns clean (no black soot all over your jars), delivers optimal burn time, and has an excellent scent throw, capable of fragrancing a large space.

What’s the Difference Between Candles and Diffusers?

candle vs diffuser difference

Both candles and diffusers offer the benefits of aromatherapy, but only candles can give you the flickering light and ambiance some days just need.

Both are great options for scenting your home or office! 

Diffusers allow you to enjoy the benefits of scents without worrying about forgetting to blow out a flame. Ultrasonic diffusers use a combination of water and pure essential oils and require an electrical or battery source to function. 

Reed diffusers, another type of fragrance diffuser, require no electricity or battery source. 

Candles, of course, require no electricity so can be used anywhere, and they provide a peaceful, flickering flame.

Candles can be made with varying fragrance sources.

Rustic Charm candles are made with fragrance oils derived from candle-safe essential oils.

What is the Average Price of Hand Poured Candles?

Hand poured candle pricing varies dependent on the size of the candle, as well as the quality of ingredients.

Our classic line of candles all come in 12 ounce jars perfect for any space in your home and are priced at $16.95.

We offer several other options at varying price points including seasonal collections, vintage collections, and special occasion candles!

At Rustic Charm, we love what we do, so you can love what we make!