Our Favorite Scented Candles For Mom

While motherhood has a wide set of challenges, a mom still often remains the most widely influential person in an individual’s life. Moms overcome so much in order to be there for their families, especially their children.

While leaping over the many hurdles of motherhood, overcoming pressure to fit into the mold of a certain mothering type, and keeping a home that is safe and comfortable, moms are not likely to take many moments to treat themselves.

So while Mother’s Day has passed, consider honoring the woman in your life with another round of love and surprises. She certainly deserves it, and we have the perfect scents for any mom out there!

The Southern Belle Mom

Texas Bluebonnet Candle - There is nothing more classic or dear to the southern crowd than bluebonnets! The official state flower of Texas, folks love the spring months when these wild flowers bloom and people gather their kids for roadside photo shoots in the sea of blue and white blossoms. This candle, paired with a family photo, makes a great gift as it recreates that southern family tradition.

Sweet Tea Candle - One of the South’s claims to fame is our love of sweet tea. If your mom is the southern bell type, she has likely enjoyed herself a tall glass of iced tea through many hot summer days, making this candle a great gift for her!

Texas Cowboy Candle - This candle has a slightly more masculine scent to it, but with bergamot and lavender complimenting the subtle tinge of leather, this makes a great gift for the mom in your life that loves the outdoors. Besides, every southern belle loves herself a cowboy, so she will love this scent!

The Sweet Tooth Mom

Strawberry Shortcake Candle - This candle holds all the great scents of everyone’s favorite summertime treat! Strawberry Shortcake has the perfect combination of sweet cake, cold cream, and fresh strawberries, so this candle wafting through your home will take you right to those summertime picnics you love.

Lemon Pound Cake Candle - If your mom loves a sweet treat, then she will love the smell of this candle. Like walking into the old french bakery, this candle will transport you to another place and time with the sweet scent of lemon and vanilla. A classic that any mom will love.

Southern Home Candle - This candle has all the best sweet spices mixed together to make the perfect candle for any home! If you love the smell after fresh baked cinnamon rolls, this is a great option. With hints of spice in a wave of vanilla, this is the perfect blend of your favorite sweet tooth ingredients.

The “Not a Fan of Candles” Mom

Wax Melts - Since not everyone is a fan of open flames (or because some homes don’t allow them), our wax melt options are a great alternative to our candle selection! With nearly all of our candle scents available in wax form and for a great price, you can give your mom a great variety, allowing her to discover her new favorite!

Room and Car Sprays - Sometimes, a quick spritz of your favorite scent is all you have time for. Moms know this better than anyone. With our wide selection of sprays, you can make any room or space have that wonderful fresh scent that you love at a moment's notice! Not to mention, these are super portable, so your mom can take her favorite scent with her wherever she goes!

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