Clipping Your Candle Wicks

Why is it important to clip your wicks?

Clipping candle wicks is an essential step in burning your candles, but it is a fairly uncommon practice. Unclipped wicks can cause candle flames to take on a dull appearance, affecting the amount of light given off. 

It can also affect your candles’ burn, occasionally leaving a black, sooty residue behind once you are done burning.

Although clipping candles does not always solve all of these issues, it immensely helps with the experience. 

Can it make my candles last longer?

Another benefit of trimming your candle wicks is that it can allow the candles to last much longer.

Since longer wicks cause the candles to burn faster, the burn is not as even, and therefore some candle wax will stay on the sides, depriving you of the full experience!

Keeping your wicks trimmed can allow you a much better experience of our candles.

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How do you clip your wicks?

Clipping your wicks is actually incredibly simple. All you have to do is grab a pair of small scissors or a wick trimmer and trim your wick to around a fourth of an inch.

The best and most safe time to do this is when your wicks are at room temperature, before lighting.

If you forget to clip your wick before burning your candles, always make sure to blow out the candle and let it cool down before you try to clip it. 

Also make sure you remove any debris on the wax, such as the excess wick you clipped, that is on the wax before burning your candles.