Candle Display Ideas for Christmas

With Christmas vastly approaching, many people have already begun hanging up their holiday decorations to display their holiday cheer. Christmas lights are being strung, stockings are being hung, and Christmas trees have become the center attraction of homes across the world. While these decorative pieces can invite an aura of cheer into your home, you may also want to include festive candles to add a new element to your holiday décor. With the right holiday candles, your home won't just look and feel like Christmas—it will smell like it too!

Displaying your Candles

While there are a wide variety of candles that feature holiday designs, the reality is that any candle can be used as a holiday decoration. It's all in the presentation. For example, consider placing your plain candles on a decorative holder with ornaments nearby. A nice wooden candleholder with an assortment of foliage and ribbons can be a great holiday candle display in your home. Other candle designs include incorporating fake snow and faux berries with an arrangement of greenery. However you choose to feature your holiday candles, it will surely make a beautiful addition to your holiday décor.

Candle Holders

Decorating your holiday candles can be as simple as choosing the perfect candleholder. For a holiday touch, try holders that incorporate greenery or a berry red theme. Wooden candleholders can also add a nice charm to your holiday décor. Holders can further be decorated with ribbons, vines, and other accessories. You can also consider decorating simpler holders to accommodate your décor style. For example, try decorating a simple glass holder with a few Christmas themed items to display your candles. This simplistic solution can be the décor piece you were looking for.

Candlelight Centerpieces

Another way to display your candles with holiday cheer is to create a candlelight centerpiece. They are the perfect aesthetic to add to your home's décor. Consider creating a floating tea light candle with a bubble bowl and faux berries and foliage. This cute design will definitely make a cheerful statement. A holiday lantern is another centerpiece idea perfect for your Christmas décor. Using a pine cone candle and faux snow, you can create a winter wonderland in your own home. While these décor pieces may require a bit more creativity, you can rest assured that they will definitely be standout features.

Arranging Your Candles

Another way to display holiday candles lies in the way that you arrange them. Consider buying candles of varying heights to arrange them in a step-by-step fashion. You can also consider arranging your candles into a cluster with other decorative pieces. This classic display can be the final touch that brings your décor altogether. Another great holiday candle design features hanging candles. With hanging candles, you can create a falling snow-flake look to add a flare to your holiday décor.

Whether you go all out with your decorations this year or just keep it simple with a few festive candles, we hope these ideas have inspired you to make your home feel and smell a bit more joyous!