Candle Scents for Men: A Gift Shopping Guide

Scented candles marketed for men have been popular for several decades, mainly because these candles contain fragrances appealing to men. For example, men typically aren't fans of strong smelling scents such as peppermint or cinnamon, which are otherwise excellent choices for candle scents. If you are shopping for your man and want some inspiration for perfumes or fragrances that he will love, take a few minutes to read this guide and find out what is out there.

Scented candles have been around for hundreds of years, so it makes sense that many scents have come and gone. Here is a guide to the best fragrances for men and the smells still out there today.

Which Fragrances Do Men Prefer?

Candle scents for men can include scents that are sweet, relaxing, and inviting. Some fragrances will make men feel like they are floating in the middle of the ocean, while others are gentle, floral. You will find that the scent will vary depending on what the man likes.


Jasmine is a beautiful, light fragrance. Jasmine is traditionally associated with spring, so finding scents for men made from jasmine extract can be a genuinely nice touch on any holiday table. Jasmine is also a common choice as a wedding scent. It can even be used as the wedding bouquet scent.


Ambergris is another popular choice for candles for men. Ambergris is often associated with luxury and opulence, so finding scents made from ambergris will make for a lovely gift for him. Ambergris is often associated with expensive products, but you can easily find inexpensive candles with very close approximations to this scent.


Sandalwood is a favorite as a gift for men. Because sandalwood is used in perfume, the scent can last for quite a while. Sandalwood is also used in aromatherapy and many other products. Finding bouquets made from sandalwood can be a wonderful gift for someone who appreciates quality and relaxation.


Scented candles with vanilla are another great gift choice for men. Vanilla is a beautiful scent that is very appealing to men. Many of the scents you can get with vanilla can also be used as a bath and body product, so this is an excellent option for a gift for a man who wants to receive a lot of scent for a price he can afford. Vanilla also mixes well with other scents, so you may want to consider buying two scents if you are going to do this.


Candles that use cedar are another popular choice when it comes to scents for men. Even though they are not as commonplace as other types of scents for men, these candles are ideal for men that want something a little bit more unique. This fragrance is derived from a kind of wood that is quite expensive.

Romantic Scents

While many men prefer masculine scents, women can also appreciate feminine scents. If you are looking for a gift for a woman, you can find both elegant and sensual perfumes. If you are looking for a romantic gift, a romantic scent is perfect. Many different romantic scents can work very well for a man and a woman.

Which One Should You Choose?

Choosing the right scent for him takes a little bit of time, so be confident that you take up your time and discover the one that will suit his tastes. Once you have chosen the scent, please give it to him and watch him enjoy using it.

No matter what your decision is when choosing scents for men, there are many fantastic gift ideas out there. You can find some candles with a hint of your bouquet and fragrances that are completely fresh and natural. Men usually appreciate scents that are pleasant to smell and are great for relaxing them after a long day.

Even if you have trouble deciding, you can always check out some scents to see anything you like. Men love receiving candles that are well scented and made by well-known companies. You can find scents in almost any niche to see exactly the right scent for any man you may be shopping for.