Leather, Spices & Vanilla: Best Scented Candles for Winter 2020

Candles can be used in many different ways. From decorating to adding fragrance to a room, candles can add a charming and aromatic touch to a space. They work great to add warmth and style to a home. Candles can be used casually in your home or in a more formal setting such as a wedding. Quite often, they are used as accent pieces for you a home’s decor. The fragrant aromas of candles can be reminiscent of the time of year. Spring time, for example, would be an excellent time to use candles that have floral or fresh scents. Winter scented candles can include such fragrances as:

Boots ‘n Chaps

This fragrant candle has the aroma of genuine leather. With a clean and smooth fragrance, this candle will make you feel as though you just slipped into a new pair of leather boots and ready to ride off into the sunset.


This uniquely blended candle combines scents of leather, cinnamon and vanilla. This smooth yet spicy creation has sweet and smooth aromas that are sure to awaken your senses.

Cactus Berries

With a blend of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg, this candle gives a warm and inviting fragrance to ignite the senses. The hint of juniper and musk add a complementary touch to the warm scents of the other spices.

Coffee House

The yummy fragrance of this coffee candle is sure to get you up and going. It can put you in the mind of enjoying your favorite coffee blended beverage. Light up and enjoy.


If you're a fan of sweet vanilla scented candles, Homestead is the scent for you. The charming fragrance of this candle would make you crave the most decadent desserts. With a divinely sweet combination of cinnamon, cloves, vanilla and coconut, you are sure to be tempted with guilty pleasures of delight.

Leather & Spice

With the smell of cinnamon and leather, you can’t go wrong with this uniquely blended candle. This candle combines the smooth smell of leather with the spunky kick of cinnamon. This candle is hot and smooth at the same time.

Purple Cow

Spicy, sweet and fruity are the words that best describe this aromatic creation. This beautifully scented candle gives a sense of nostalgia when burned alongside a cozy fireplace. Careful though, the natural spices and fruit might give you a craving for a warm spicy cup of tea.

Saddle Shop

This candle is filled with fragrances reminiscent of your local western store. With the scent of fresh leather, you are ready to saddle up your favorite equestrian buddy and gallop away for a day in the sun.

Southern Suede

The exciting combination of brown sugar and leather gives a feeling of warmth when you light this candle. It adds a special touch to any room.


This rugged yet elegant candle combines scents of leather, tobacco and sweet bourbon. With this unique combination of scents, you can light this candle anywhere and it is sure to draw attention

The Versatility of Scented Candles

As you can see, candles can be used for any purpose. For an elegant design feature in a room, it can add the perfect decorating element. If you're wanting to create aromatic ambiance in your home, candles are an excellent way to infuse uniquely blended scents into any space.

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